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Neck, Back and Shoulder Pillow 


This Soothing heat therapy and effective pain relief. 

Microwavable heating pillow used For Neck and shoulder Pain, Muscle Aches & Tension, Lower back pain, Joint Pain, Muscle spams 

And Menstrual Cramps.  


The pillow Can also be used a s a cooling bag for fevers and temperatures. Put the bag into the deep freeze for 30 minutes and then use on affected Areas. 




Place the heat pillow in the microwave for 3 minutes with a cup of hot water. ( The water  prevents the wheat from drying out and releasing odours.) 

Use the heat pillow while working, studying, homework, cooking, cleaning, watching TV, sleeping, and relaxing. 




Remove the outer pillow cover, wash in cold water and allow to dry naturally.  

DO NOT immerse inner grain pillow in water. 



To prolong the life of your heat pillow store in ziplock bag in the freezer when not in use.  

Can also be used as ice pack. 

Microwavable Heat Pillow

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