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Here at FGwellness we believe in taking a holistic approach to our services where we offer guidance and support to resolve emotional, social, and psychological difficulties by means of clarifying issues, discovering and loving who you are, developing strategies, increasing self-awareness and resilience. 

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Flexible Service Times

Online Services

45 minute sessions


My name is Felicia Goosen

Felicia Goosen is the Founder and CEO of FGwellness and is a practicing Wellness Counsellor and Life Coach specializing in Youth Mental Health.

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Felicia is a brilliant, kind and patient therapist and suited my daughter very well. She was professional but also warm.
Felicia has helped me start my journey of self love and appreciation and believing in myself and my capabilities. Finding the person I want to be and also loving the person I am now inside and out
Getting any sort of help from therapists have always been difficult for me. I have always been spoken to in a very patronizing way and my issues weren’t properly recognized. However with Felicia, I truly felt understood and safe. Each weekend I would look forward to seeing her and I felt lighter and happier after each and every session.
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