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Youth Wellness

Youth experience times in their lives when they worry, panic and are stressed. They at times have trouble managing their frustration, struggle with friendships, find school difficult and struggle to motivate themselves.


Like adults, Young People need someone they can talk to when dealing with major life issues.

Good health in Youth sets the stage for their well being in the latter stages of life. More than 1.8 Million young people aged 15 to 24 die annually, mostly as a result of causes which could have been prevented.


Mental Wellness is one of these preventative measures.


Our Offerings for Youth

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We take an holistic approach to counselling based on the clients needs. 

We provided one on one online sessions that are held via Microsoft Teams or Google Meets. 

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Life Coaching

This service can be very helpful for youth, as they offer guidance and support during a critical stage in their development.

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Wellness Programs

We currently offer two wellness programs that run on a yearly basis.

1. Adolescent Wellness Program

2. Young Adult Life Program

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Psychometic Assessements

Psychometric assessments are standardized tests or measures used to assess a person's abilities, personality traits, and other psychological characteristics. These assessments can provide valuable insights into a person's strengths and weaknesses,

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We offer monthly free and paid workshops centered around topics that the youth of today can benefit from. 

Checkout our events page for the latest workshops. 

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Scholar Guidance

Providing academic guidance and support to students on their education journey.

  • Subject Choice - Grade 9

  • Career Guidance - Grade 10 -12

  • Workplace Readiness - University Graduates

Teen Wellness Program

Are you a parent of a teen looking for a great wellness program that focuses on holistic wellness and offers a supportive community to have meaningful conversations? Look no further!


Our teen wellness program is the perfect solution for your teen's needs. We provide a safe and encouraging environment for teens to grow and develop, both mentally and emotionally, while learning the skills necessary to be successful in today's world.


Our mentors are experienced and passionate about helping teens reach their fullest potential. Sign a teen up today and give them the tools they need to thrive!


This is an Interactive Program

Next Session Date: Saturday, the 19th of August

Time: 09:00am - 10:00am

Duration: 1 hour

Request More Information

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