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Teachers are an essential part of society, and they play a critical role in shaping the minds of the next generation.


However, teaching can be a challenging and demanding profession that can take a toll on a teacher's mental health.


As such, it is crucial to provide support and resources to help teachers maintain their mental health and well-being.


Our Offerings for Teachers

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We take an holistic approach to counselling based on the clients needs. 


We provided one on one online sessions that are held via Microsoft Teams or Google Meets. 

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Life Coaching

This service can be very beneficial for teachers, as it can help them improve their professional skills, manage stress and burnout, and maintain a positive work-life balance.

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Teacher Wellness Program

Are you a teacher looking for support in maintaining your mental health and overall wellbeing? Look no further!


Our Teacher Wellness Program is designed to equip teachers with the resources and assistance they need to take care of their mental health and overall wellbeing.


We provide personalized guidance and support, as well as access to a range of activities and services which promote physical, emotional, and social wellbeing.


We also have mentors, who are available to provide support and advice when needed.


Our goal is to empower teachers to make informed decisions about their mental health, and to provide them with the tools they need to manage and maintain their wellbeing.

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Career Guidance

This service is designed to help teachers make informed decisions about their career paths.

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We offer monthly free and paid workshops centered around topics that the youth of today can benefit from. 


Checkout our events page for the latest workshops. 

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