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Parents play a crucial role in promoting their children's mental health by providing emotional support, creating a safe and nurturing environment, and encouraging healthy behaviors.

Parents can also take care of their own mental health, as their well-being can affect their children's mental health. Seeking professional help when necessary, managing stress, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are essential steps parents can take to promote their mental health.


Our Offerings for Parents

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We take an holistic approach to counselling based on the clients needs. 


We provided one on one online sessions that are held via Microsoft Teams or Google Meets. 

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Parent Wellness Program

Our program offers a variety of topics , activities, resources and group discussions, to help you maintain wellness.


We understand that parenting can be stressful and exhausting, so we are committed to providing effective strategies to help you thrive and stay balanced.


With our program, you can learn effective techniques to manage stress, practice self-care, and enjoy some much-needed relaxation.

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We offer monthly free and paid workshops centered around topics that the youth of today can benefit from. 


Checkout our events page for the latest workshops. 

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Life Coaching

This service can be beneficial for parents, as it provides guidance and support to help individuals achieve their goals and improve their lives.

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Career Guidance 

This service is designed to help individuals make informed decisions about their career paths. 


Parental Wellness Program

This wellness program is designed to help parents develop the skills and knowledge necessary to create a healthy and supportive home environment for their children. The program focuses on topics such as communication, stress management, self-care, and mental health.

All ages | 45 mins content | 30 min group discussions | 15min Q&A (1.5hr)

Topics that will be discussed: 1. Self-discovery (18 March) 2. Self-love and Care (15 April) 3. Stress Management (20 May) 4. Wellness towards balanced life (17 June) 5. Communication (15 July) 6. Temperaments (19 August) 7. Healthy Boundaries (16 September) 8. Embracing moments (21 October) 9. Mental Health (18 November) 10.Rest (18 November)


This is an Interactive Program

Next Session Date: Saturday, the 19th of August

Time: 14:00pm - 15:30pm

Duration: 1.5 hours

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