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How matriculants and parents can plan towards receiving Matric Results

Updated: Jan 16

As we approach the release of matric results of 2023 National Senior Certificate (NSC) on 18 January, it is important to remember how stressful and anxiety-provoking this time can be for learners and their families. It is important that parents and loved ones offer support and encouragement during this time, reminding their children that they are loved and valued regardless of the outcome.


Matric, the final year of high school, is a crucial year for many learners. It is a year filled with high-pressure situations, particularly academic ones. Learners are expected to deliver exceptional results, and the pressure to perform can take a toll on their mental health.


Educational psychologist and professor at the University of Pretoria, Irma Eloff, said society has made matric results a very high-stakes event in the lives of young people. Eloff emphasized that, we need to be careful about how we frame the message around Matric results. No matter what the outcome, there is an upside to every downside and a downside to every upside.


According to research, due to high levels of stress learners experience leading up to the matric exam results, deaths by suicide tend to spike around this time of year. Eloff said that learners should not feel discouraged to seek mental or psychosocial support during the next few weeks.


CEO of FGwellness, Felicia Goosen said, “While your matriculation results is a significant milestone, they do not determine your value as an person, it might feel like your whole future depends on these results, it is important to know that success is influenced by various other factors. Your ability to adapt to new situations, your work ethic, your passion for your chosen field, and your willingness to learn and grow are all important factors that will contribute to your overall success in life. It is also important to remember that setbacks are a natural part of the journey and should not be viewed as a reflection of your worth or potential".

Your matric results are just one part of your story and should be celebrated as a testament to your hard work and dedication. But they are not the end of your life, and it is important to keep striving towards your goals regardless of your results."


Feel free to contact FGwellness or the helplines below if your child or if you, as a matric student, are facing challenges and need assistance. We offer resources and support for learners experiencing difficulties, while also advocating for a holistic approach to education that value the importance of mental health.


  • Suicide Crisis Line on 0800 567 567

  • Lifeline 24-Hour Counselling Line on 011 422 4242 / 0861 322 322

  • South African Depression and Anxiety Group’s (SADAG) Suicide Crisis Line on 0800 567 567.

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